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Alege dacă următoarele substantive cu bold sunt numărabile sau nenumărabile în următoarele propoziții.

Înapoi la explicații

1. I love fruit.

2. I bought a delicious fruit from the farmer’s market yesterday.

3. I need a glass of water.

4. This vase is made of glass.

5. He ordered a coffee and a croissant.

6. She enjoys the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

7. Science has contributed greatly to advancements in technology.

8. She enjoys studying different sciences like biology and chemistry.

9. Silver is a metal.

10. The shoes are made of leather and the studs are made of metal.

11. She ordered a whole chicken for dinner.

12. She doesn’t eat chicken because she’s a vegetarian.

13. We took a shortcut to save time.

14. I went bungee jumping one time.

15. Solar power is a clean source of energy.

16. The biggest economic power of Europe is Germany.

17. I have only one life.

18. Life can be challenging, but it’s also full of surprises.

19. Please give me a paper to write on.

20. I need to buy some paper for the printer.

21. She gained valuable experience working in customer service.

22. I had a wonderful experience during my trip to Paris.

23. She doesn’t eat meat because she’s a vegetarian.

24. The buffet included all meats that are eaten in Slovakia.

25. She found a hair on her pillow.

26. She has long hair that she likes to keep tied up.

27. There is a comfortable chair in the room.

28. There’s not much room for improvement in this project.

29. The room was filled with soft light from the candles.

30. He turned on the light to brighten up the room.

Înapoi la explicații


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