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Completează spațiile goale cu pluralul substantivului din paranteze.

Poți face câte exerciții vrei, nu neapărat pe toate 50. La final, apasă butonul Verifică răspunsuri.

Mergi înapoi la explicații

1. There are three in the parking lot. (car)

2. He has two to stay dry in the rain. (umbrella)

3. Scientists study a lot of under the microscope. (bacterium)

4. There are five swimming in the pond. (fish)

5. The apple was cut into two . (half)

6. He saw two in the forest. (fox)

7. My aunt has many that she wears. (watch)

8. The are playing in the playground. (child)

9. We saw many at the zoo. (giraffe)

10. Engineers at NASA built three in the last ten years. (spacecraft)

11. The are swimming in the ocean. (dolphin)

12. We saw many in the forest. (deer)

13. The hunter saw a group of in the woods. (moose)

14. The teacher gave the students three to complete. (quiz)

15. They saw a group of flying overhead. (goose)

16. are walking in the park. (person)

17. The library has many on the shelves. (book)

18. He collects rare as a hobby. (stamp)

19. She enjoys painting with colorful . (leaf)

20. The children like to eat . (tomato)

21. The farmer found two tiny in the barn. (mouse)

22. The travelers will visit three in three days. (city)

23. The artist creates beautiful . (sculpture)

24. We visited many in Europe. (aquarium)

25. She has two in her room. (doll)

26. The company makes electronic . (device)

27. She collects vintage from the past. (radio)

28. She bought three different . (knife)

29. They saw wild in the woods. (animal)

30. Cats have nine to enjoy their adventures. (life)

31. The marine biologist studies different kinds of . (alga)

32. The chef prepared tasty for dinner. (dish)

33. The are eating grass in the field. (sheep)

34. The scientists test different . (formula)

35. She likes to eat . (potato)

36. The transform into beautiful butterflies. (larva)

37. The professor reviewed students’ . (thesis)

38. The prepared delicious meals for the event. (chef)

39. The desert is filled with tall . (cactus)

40. The are training in the field. (army)

41. The zookeeper feeds the pack of at the zoo. (wolf)

42. They saw a group of resting in the shade. (lion)

43. She bought three to wear to the party. (dress)

44. The along the coastline are very high. (cliff)

45. They sell and other musical instruments. (piano)

46. He injured both his while playing football. (foot)

47. are attending the conference. (woman)

48. ordered a delicious salad with . (shrimp)

49. Firefighters are considered in the community. (hero)

50. They enjoy spending sunny at the beach. (day)

Mergi înapoi la explicații


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